Thursday, December 2, 2010

Preteen Plastic Surgery

A couple days ago I was in a department store trying on clothes in the dressing room when I over heard a couple young girls (they couldn't be more than 13 years old) talking about getting a nose job. One of them said, "I want a nose job." And the other responds by saying, "Why? Your nose is fine. I'm the one that needs a nose job." Then the first girl proceeds to saying,  "So and so got one and it really looks good."

I was like, what the hell! Is this what our world is coming to? Whatever happened to conversations like, "Your hair is so pretty?" or "I like your top. It's cute." Instead middle schoolers are talking about plastic surgery as if it's no big deal. Is this what's becoming of future generations? Where what's important is how we look? What ever happened to teaching children substance? Has the media totally taken control over our teenagers with its definition of beauty through commercials, music videos, and reality tv?

As parents it is so important to instill self-confidence within our children. A healthy dose of confidence will take them farther in life than a new nose. After all, looks tend to fade throughout the years.

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